Doctor Who vs Doctor Brown

Mortal batalla de viajeros en el tiempo a través de la ciencia ficción...

Doctor Who (10):

Ooh, actually, if you don't mind, it's just "The Doctor"

Doesn't even really matter who. Who am I even talking to? Oh yes, you!

The wannabe Einstein, minus the 'stache

Travels through time but with no class

I'm saving the world while you dilly-dally

You can't even invent your way out of Hill Valley!

And calm down, will you? Everything is going to be fine

You're not going to tear any wonky holes in any fabric of space and time

Actually, it's a lot more like a rug, really, oh well, never mind

Let's just say there's an infinite number of me simultaneously kicking your ass with rhyme!

Doc Brown:

Great Scott! You're great...not! I spit it hot

And generate way more power than 1.21 gigawatts

I'm not sure what sort of scientific authority you purport to be

But I'm a real doctor! Where'd you get your degree?

Despite all your companions, you couldn't be having less sex

I don't know what's lamer: your fans or your special effects

You don't get another turn to debate. Time to face your permanent fate!

Now Dalek my balls!



Doctor Who (10):

I'm going to die... (Doctor...)

At least, this version of me... (Doctor?)

Perhaps you'd like another... (Doctor!)

Prepare to meet your...

[switches versions]

Doctor Who (4):

Density! Hahahaha!

I'm a mystical medical doc at the pinnacle shifting my physical form

You're a possibly pedophiliac individual who should've never been born!

You got your knickers in a twist while you're sucking on my piccadilly, but I'm a lot lot different

Cause your a pitiful hillbilly hangin' with an oedipal kid who's a bawk bawk chicken!

Marty McFly:

Nobody calls me chicken!

Doctor Brown:

This is between us, Scarfy. Don't try to out-rhyme me

You'll find I'm as grimy as any slimy time limey

I'll use your porta-potty time machine as my latrine

You're not a cat with nine lives. You're a pussy with thirteen!

(time loop)

Dr. Who:

Ooh, actually, if you don't mind, it's just "The Doctor"... 

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